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Treating Cedar Wood: How To Maintain A Cedar Deck Or Fence?

Cedar fence installation cost in Mill Creek

At Burgess Construction, most of our deck building or fence installation projects are with cedar. This is a beautiful wood species, but as with any soft wood, it has some downsides. For starters, cedar will need to be regularly sealed and stained, and many of our customers are not exactly happy when they hear this. […]

Quick Guide To Installing Deck Lighting

Hardwood decking with outdoor furniture with deck lighting with strings

Deck lighting is mandatory for most decks in most states. Unless you have a freestanding deck that’s on ground level and at the same time, you don’t care about your safety, then sure, you can skip deck lighting. But if you want to be safe when you climb on your deck at night, or simply […]

Vinyl Decking Cost In Snohomish County

Deck Building In Kenmore, WA Composite decking on two levels

If you’re interested in building a deck and surfacing it with vinyl, one of the main concerns you’ll probably have will be in regard to the vinyl decking cost in Snohomish, WA. Vinyl decking is a great material that will save you from a lot of maintenance. It is, however, a bit pricier than wood […]

Top 5 Composite Decking Brands In 2023

When building your new deck, you’ll want to ensure that you use the best composite decking boards available. But which company offers high-quality products, great rewards, and unbeatable prices? At Burgess Construction, we love a couple of composite decking brands but recognize that sometimes our customers have different preferences. That’s why we always strive to […]

How To Prepare A Deck For Winter In Washington State

Winter in Washington state means a lot of rain. And by a lot, we really mean A LOT! So how should homeowners prepare a deck for winter in Washington? The answer lies with our experts at Burgess Construction. We’ve been in the deck building and fence installation industry since day one, so we know the […]

Best Deck Material Options For 2023

Outdoor furniture with composite decking

Building a deck is a huge investment, but to make sure you’re taking full advantage of this amazing home addition, you’ll need to use the right decking material. While pressure-treated wood decks remain the popular choice for many homeowners in Snohomish and the surroundings, there are other, better decking alternatives that you could use. From […]

The Pros And Cons Of Composite Decking

Composite deck boards with fasteners

People might have you thinking composite decking is the best decking material out there and there’s no downside to it whatsoever. Well, truth is, composite is a very efficient material. But that’s not to say it’s flawless. Composite, like any other material on the market, does have its ups and downs. Let’s take a look […]

Everything You Need To Know About Composite Decks

Composite decking with wood mallet and fasteners

If you’re tired of sealing, staining, and cleaning a wood deck, your best alternative would be composite decks. These are increasing in popularity, as more and more homeowners value their functionality and low-maintenance properties. However, you might not be entirely sure about what composite decks are, how they function, what are their cost, and what […]

PVC And Composite Decking Differences

PVC decking with stacked pvc boards

You’re getting ready to build your deck but you’re not sure if either PVC or composite decking is better? You’re not the only one. Many homeowners ask us what’s the difference between the two, and many others think PVC and composite are one and the same material. In fact, while these two decking materials have […]

Trex Deck Problems: What You Should Know Before Buying

Trex composite decking problems on a gray decking material

All decking comes with some disadvantages and composite decking is no different. While they might have fewer downsides than wood decks, composite still has a few things you’ll need to be aware of before you buy the materials. Because Trex decking is one of the most popular composite decking materials, we’ll break Trex deck problems, […]