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The Best Deck Building In Eastmont, WA

Take your outdoor space to the next level of comfort with a reliable and high-quality deck construction!

deck building in Eastmont wa

If you’re determined to get a long-lasting and beautiful deck, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Burgess Constructions, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship and often go the extra mile to offer our homeowners a superior product they can be proud of. 

We work with the biggest names in the deck-building industry and bring the highest-quality work to your backyard!

Stephanie and Blaine, Owners of Burgees Construction

Hi, we’re Stephanie and Blaine, owners of Burgess Construction. To make you feel valued, understood, and cared for, we’ve built a team around strong principles.

With decades of industry experience, you can enjoy quality craftsmanship, detail-oriented work, and professional communication on your project. Learn more


Burgess Construction is an incredible team from Stephanie’s amazing communication, design process, and updates along the way, to the crew that built two decks in just over a week! Thank you so much for helping see our vision become a reality!

– Zebb Seabrook
deck stairs and metal railing burgess construction

Take Advantage Of Working With Decking Professionals In Eastmont, WA

We know everything about what makes a deck-building project flow seamlessly and end with your complete satisfaction. We’re doing more than the industry’s standard because we truly care about you, your home, and your investment. With us, you’re getting:

Check Out Our Portfolio And Get Some Inspiration!

Our portfolio showcases our dedication and workmanship. We take great pride in ensuring every detail is perfect on every vinyl floor we install. Browse through our collection to see what your space can look like with a quality flooring installation in Tracy!

150+ projects completed

25 years of manufacturing warranty

20+ years of combined experience

We’d love to answer all your questions about your upcoming decking project! Call us at (425) 791-5281 or send us a quick message, and we’ll circle back within a business day!

Your Neighbors Loved Working With Professionals

We’ve lost count of how many households we’ve helped. Homeowners in Eastmont, WA, love working with us because we make it easy for them to see their vision through. Here’s what they say about us…




These company was great! We were lucky to find them by piggy-backing off our neighbors. They were fast, efficient, stopped to ask us a few questions, and our fence looks great! Highly recommend them.

Dan Rutledge


Burgess did a fantastic job for us. The finished product is perfect. They communicated throughout the process and made us feel very at ease. We highly recommend Burgess if you want high level work.

Average Deck Building Cost In Eastmont, WA

A 12’x12’ ground-level cedar deck in a simple design could be close to $14,000, whereas a composite deck has many more options for materials in both decking and railing. A second-story 20’x12’ composite deck starts at around $25,000.

What Increases Deck Building Costs:​

What lowers deck building costs:

Before After

Cedar Deck Building In Eastmont, WA

This 20’x12’ cedar deck included:

The project was quoted at $21,200, where the most expensive item was the custom cedar railing, at $4,400.

Average Deck Building Costs For Different Sizes

Decking Type Square Feet Price Range (Installed)
Composite 100 $4,000 to $4,200
Composite 200 $8,000 to $8,500
Composite 400 $16,000 to $16,900
Composite 600 $24,100 to $25,400
Composite 800 $32,100 to $33,900
Composite 1,000 $40,100 to $42,300
Pine 100 $2,100 to $2,400
Pine 200 $4,100 to $4,900
Pine 400 $8,300 to $9,700
Pine 600 $12,400 to $14,600
Pine 800 $16,500 to $19,400
Pine 1,000 $20,600 to $24,300

* Prices are subject to change due to factors that impact labor or material costs. Contact us for your deck-building project so we can offer you an accurate pricing quote and find a solution that fits your budget.

We made it extremely easy and convenient to work with us! At Burgess Construction, our focus will be on you, your time, and your investment, so we can offer you a quality deck that’ll enhance your outdoor space and make you spend more time outside!

We're Taking Care Of Everything For You!

Homeowners usually have two main concerns when doing any home improvement project, including adding a deck on their property. Luckily, we’ve come up with a great solution that helps you maintain peace of mind at all times during this upgrade.
Indeed, deck building is not the cheapest home improvement project you can get, but it’s one that brings back a lot of ROI and immense intrinsic value. It makes your day-to-day life so much better, knowing you can get home and relax on your deck.
We’re highly respectful of your time and ours, so we don’t like wasting any minute on the job site. Our goal is to have your project finished within the timeline we provided so you can start enjoying your new deck, and we can go help the next homeowner.

Deck Building In 3 Simple Steps

We’ve designed a deck building process that takes care of everything, so you can fully enjoy the excitement of getting this upgrade.



Get in touch with us, share your vision, and we’ll come up with a spectacular design for your new deck.



After we’ve decided on every single detail, we get to work. You’ll have complete control over the project at all times.



Your new deck is up and running! Enjoy a beautiful outdoor space and schedule your next barbecue!


When choosing your deck’s size, layout, or material it’s important to think about how will you use your deck most often. If you’re entertaining, it’s important to plan for enough space to enjoy and a durable material to withstand the traffic. Maintenance is also an important factor. Composite decks require little to no maintenance, while wooden decks need periodic staining to stay in good shape.

One of the biggest price factors for your deck will be the size and design. The larger and more complex your deck, the higher the price because of the amount of work and detail that goes into it.

Material plays a big role as well. Composite decks come with a higher initial investment than wood decks, but they require less maintenance, so the investment pays off long-term. Wooden decks come with a lower initial cost, but they require periodic maintenance. Besides this, elevation, access, and number of stairs are important price proints. We’ll help you choose options that will match both your needs and your budget for your deck building in Eastmont.

The price for a deck building in Eastmont, WA is influenced by many things. A 12’x12’ ground level cedar deck in a simple design could be close to $14,000, whereas a composite deck has many more options for materials in both decking and railing.
A second story 20’x12’ composite deck starts around $25,000. Depending on your needs and budget, we’ll come up with the best plan to make your dream deck real.

Yes, once we establish the specifics of your deck building project, we’ll create the design and send you a copy of the blueprints of your new deck before materials are ordered to confirm no changes need to be made.
We know how important your home is to you, and we want to let you enjoy it as soon as possible. We bring all hands on deck so that we complete most deck building projects in less than one week.

Get Your New Deck Built By The Only Local Pros You Can Truly Trust!

Get a professional deck building project and exceptional craftsmanship in Eastmont, WA, and enjoy an enhanced outdoor space, increased property value, and a spectacular space to entertain your guests. Contact us today at (425) 791-5281 to discuss your new deck building project!

(takes 1-2 min)

Katherine Stohr Chaffer


I hired Burgess Construction to put a corrugated roof over my deck. They did a beautiful job. I asked if the wood used could be stained and the outcome with the stained wood looks wonderful. There was a little mishap with communication…Stephanie and Blaine stepped up and made it right. I am so happy w the outcome. I am very proud of the way my deck looks now. I would recommend Burgess Construction.

Sean Staudt


Stephanie came out and gave us a bid and Blaine and his team came out and did a phenomenal job on our pergola! I wouldn’t have anyone else do work on our house but these guys! 😊❤️

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Surrounded by stunning landscapes, it offers outdoor activities and a charming small-town atmosphere. Some notable places to visit are the Eastmont Community Park, the Wenatchee Riverfront Park, the Ohme Gardens, and the nearby Cascade Mountains, which offer breathtaking hiking trails, skiing resorts, and opportunities for outdoor adventure.