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Deck Building Cost In Monroe, WA

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Decking on a patio with a pergola

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about getting a deck is the deck building cost in Monroe.

To address this concern properly, know that building a deck costs anywhere from $10k for pressure-treated wood to over $25k for a composite deck equipped with lightings, metal rails, stairs, and more!

With Burgess Construction, we ensure all of our customers know what they’re paying for and that they’re getting top quality at reasonable prices. Check out this quick breakdown and see what you want for your deck!

Composite decking and railing on a beige outdoor space attached to a home

Typical Deck Building Cost In Monroe, WA

Deck size is a major factor that affects the overall cost of building your deck. The bigger the deck, the more materials and labor it will require, resulting in a higher cost. Other factors that will impact the total cost of your deck will be shape, materials, elevation, and upgrades. We’ll discuss these later on.

Size Square Feet Average Cost
Small Deck 200 square feet $15k
Medium Deck 600 square feet $25k
Large Deck 1,000 square feet $45k

Burgess Construction, provides fast and free estimates over the phone. However, a detailed pricing quote will be given after an on-site consultation. We will assist you in choosing materials and assessing their costs, so you’ll know exactly how to budget!

Get ready to enjoy:

Labor Costs For Your Deck Building In Monroe

If you’re planning to build a deck in Monroe, be prepared to allocate a significant portion of your budget for labor. Qualified deck builders utilize special tools and techniques to guarantee that your deck is constructed securely. Let’s see who you’ll have to work with to get your deck-building project up.

The architect is the expert who ensures your deck design does not compromise your deck’s functionality and safety. It’s the person that will focus on safety and functionality and will have nothing to do with the looks of your deck.

Good architects charge between $250 to $500 per hour.

The deck designer collaborates with the architect to ensure the deck design is functional and safe while maintaining its structural integrity. They’ll help you choose color schemes, materials, railings and lightings.

A top-ranked deck designer charges between $200-$500 an hour. Expect to pay for about 3 – 4 hours for a project.

Get A Complete Deck Building Service With Burgess!

Besides the architect and designer, you’ll also need expert installers and builders to install everything. 

For the best deck builders in Monroe, expect to pay between $50 to $65 an hour. The average deck builder charges around $50 an hour, while beginners charge around $25. Keep in mind that although you can get a decent service for the lowest price out there, this rarely happens. 

Invest in a high-quality service and spend an extra dollar to ensure you’re getting high-quality work, a smooth process, an advantageous warranty, and all the other perks that top-tier contractors offer on their projects!

Choosing Burgess Construction means you’ll have access to all the necessary professionals under one roof. Our team includes designers and architects who will be readily available on-site as needed. We’ll manage your deck construction project from start to finish, eliminating the need for you to reach out to others.

Our Customers Love Their New Deck Additions!

Check out what our customers say about working with us for their deck building projects!

Ashley Streit


We hired Burgess again for our deck rebuild. The crew did an amazing job, again!

They showed up on time and completed the tear down and complete rebuild of our deck in 4 days.

It looks beautiful and we can’t wait to enjoy it this summer. 5/5 would recommend for any fence and/or deck projects.

Morgan Megan Mason


Blaine and his crew replaced my deck and fence this week and they did a fantastic job!

They were on time, in budget, and super communicative.

I will use Burgess for all my deck & fence needs in the future, and recommend to any who ask.

I wish I had this experience with every contractor I worked with thank you for everything, Blaine!

Materials Cost In Relation To Deck Size

There are two main types of decks: wood decks and composite decks.
Wood decking installation

Wood decks

Wood decks are still popular for homeowners looking to get their first deck. They’re attracted by the cheaper materials but also by the natural look that wood gives to your outdoors. 

With all that, wood requires constant maintenance, which means a higher cost in the long run.

Composite decks

Composite decks are becoming increasingly popular because they require less maintenance compared to traditional wood decks. This is particularly beneficial for older homeowners.

Many seniors replace their wood decks with composite ones, as they want to enjoy their decks rather than spend time maintaining them.

Wood Decks

Yellow pine or pressure-treated wood is commonly used for decks, so we will consider it as the basis for comparison.

Pressure-treated pine decking cost ranges from $15.00 to $25.00 per square foot for materials, and between $20 to $30 for installation.

Material Square Feet Installed Average Total Cost
Pressure Treated Wood 100 square feet $3,500 to $5,000
Pressure Treated Wood 200 square feet $7,000 to $10,000
Pressure Treated Wood 400 square feet $12,000 to $15,000
Pressure Treated Wood 600 square feet $18,000 to $25,000
Pressure Treated Wood 800 square feet $24,000 to $28,00
Pressure Treated Wood 1,000 square feet $28,000 to $35,000

Although hardwood decking materials such as Ipe, Tigerwood, or Teak are pricier, they can give your deck a distinctive and sophisticated look. Nonetheless, maintaining the appearance of hardwood decking also necessitates some care.

Wood decking

Composite Decks

Here at Burgess Construction, we hold TimberTech and Trex composite decking in high-regard for several reasons.

We can rely on the availability and predictable delivery of TimberTech materials, which helps ensure a smooth process without any delays or surprises. Our customers appreciate the varied decking options provided by Trex, and both TimberTech and Trex are reliable brands with reasonable pricing.

We suggest that customers choose medium-to-high-quality decking boards as they strike a good balance between functionality, aesthetics, and price. These boards will fulfill most of your needs, making them a safe choice.

They typically cost between $60.00 to $70.00 per square foot. However, depending on your needs and budget, we can choose a different product.

Composite decking with metal frame


For all elevated decks, railings are mandatory.

We recommend using metal railings for your deck as they are currently considered the safest option. Their durability and resistance make them ideal for ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. Additionally, since metal does not rot and is not susceptible to pest damage, it is likely to remain the top choice for a long time.

We’re using Westbury aluminum railings, some of the best options on the market. Metal railing is around $60 per linear foot for materials.

Although composite is a viable option, we don’t highly recommend it for two reasons. Firstly, TimberTech’s composite railings that are of decent quality cost the same as the best metal railing. Moreover, since composite railings are still wood, they can get damaged over time.

While quality-wise is nothing compared to aluminum, composite railing has a similar price. The 6-foot-long railing for TimberTech costs around $180.

Wooden railings are the least practical option since they require frequent maintenance. Even when treated, they can start to decay and become unstable, creating a significant hazard while you’re on your deck.

The average cost to install wood deck railings is around $20 to $35 per linear foot.

Metal railing on composite deck

Deck Frame

There are three main things we’ll include here: deck blocks or footings, posts, and the frame itself.

A new deck construction attached to the house

Extra Features

Adding extra features and upgrades to your deck can improve both its functionality and appearance, giving it a more high-end feel and enhancing the overall look. These additions complete the look of your deck and add extra appeal.

Keep in mind that while accessories and additional features are not required, they can greatly improve your experience on your deck. For instance, having shade can provide relief from the intense sunlight, and using anti-slip boards is particularly useful for pool decks.

Let’s look at some of the most common upgrades.

Upgrade Average Cost
Awning Between $1,200 and $4,000
Pergola Between $2,500 and $10,000
Drinking Rail As low as $100, but depends on railing material
Deck built-in bench Between $2,000 and $3,000
Deck lighting Between $40 to $300

3 Quick Tips When Budgeting For A Deck Building Project

Here are three quick tips to keep in mind when budgeting for your upcoming deck building in Monroe, WA.

Don't Underspend Or Overspend

Our clients often choose wood decks or railings because they are more affordable, but they don’t realize that maintenance is necessary. We suggest avoiding the cheapest and most expensive options. Instead, we offer decking solutions customized to your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Know What You're Paying For

To ensure you get the best deck possible, be sure to ask your chosen contractor plenty of questions about materials, processes, advantages, disadvantages, permits, contracts and anything else you need clarification on. We appreciate customers who ask questions because it shows they’re dedicated to getting the best results for their project.

Budget A Little Extra

At Burgess Construction, we recommend having a backup plan by budgeting an extra 20% for your project to allow for any breakage. It’s also beneficial to have extra materials in case you need to replace or repair parts in the future, even if everything goes smoothly with your project.

A three level deck with aluminum railing

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Many homeowners have concerns about the pricing of their deck and may question if their contractor is being truthful, adding hidden fees, or not disclosing all costs.

At Burgess Construction, we provide a detailed breakdown of the materials and their cost that will be used to build your deck. Our pricing is completely transparent, ensuring that you have an accurate budget for your project.

With us, you’ll get:

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