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The Best Fence Installation Cost In Eastmont, WA

Fence installation cost in Eastmont, WA, is not something you should be concerned with if you want your backyard to be completely safe and private.

The Best Fence Installation Cost In Eastmont, WA

Here at Burgess Construction, we’re doing everything in our power to offer you a transparent and fair fencing cost, so you can get this project done without breaking the bank.

The fence installation cost in Eastmont starts as low as $6k for a 120ft cedar fence, while a longer fence with upgraded materials, wrapped posts, and add-ons can go as high as $20k.

Privacy Fence Installation In Bryan, Archbold, Defiance, Napoleon

Get The Best Price On Your Fence Installation With Us!

We’re raising the bar of the fence installation in Eastmont, WA, and surrounding areas by giving you, the homeowner, a fair price, a transparent process, and high-quality craftsmanship from reliable, trustworthy, and local pros!
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Typical Fence Installation Cost In Eastmont, WA

The cost of your fence primarily depends on its size in terms of length and height. When choosing materials for your fence, keep in mind that wrought iron fences are more expensive than those made of pressure-treated lumber.

Estate style cedar fence in Bothell, WA

The project was quoted at $6,800.

Basic Better Best
Cedar Fence Materials $1850.00 - $2190.00 $2240.00 - $2490.00 $2835.00 - $3500.00
Cedar Fence Installation $700.00 - $750.00 $800.00 - $900.00 $950.00 - $1200.00
Total $2550.00 - $2940.00 $3040.00 - $3390.00 $3785.00 - $4700.00
Average Cost Per Linear Ft. $27.45 $32.15 $42.42

Check out our fence installation offer in Eastmont! Make your home feel safer for you and your loved ones with a highly-efficient fence.

Your Neighbors In Eastmont Love Their New Fences!

Burgess has helped hundreds of households in and around Eastmont by providing an added layer of security to their yards. We love seeing our clients satisfied with our work, and we can guarantee you will be one of them!

Ashley Dreager


Burgess built a new fence for our backyard which previously wasn’t fenced.

They built a 14’ swinging gate and a 10’ swinging gate to accommodate our drive around driveway as well.

They were such a pleasure to work with! They were very professional, showed up on time, and I could tell they really cared about our project.

I can’t wait to have them back out to build a covered deck!

I’ll add, the fencable space for our yard was oddly shaped, and they did an amazing job. We’re SO happy!


Ashley Blanchard


We are extremely pleased with our fences from Burgess Construction LLC. 

The crew showed up on time, was very friendly, efficient and professional. Stephanie and the crew were great at communicating throughout the whole process. 

Overall it was a 5 star experience- I would recommend them to anyone and plan on working with them again for a new deck!

Cost Of Different Fence Materials

When planning your fencing project, keep in mind that the cost will depend on both the size and the material you choose. It’s important to consider how each option will affect both the amount of time and money needed. Let’s explore the costs associated with different fencing materials.

Wood Fence

To choose the right type of wood for your outdoor area, you should think about factors like color, texture, maintenance needs, and price.

While pressure-treated wood is usually the least expensive option, tropical hardwoods are more expensive but offer an impressive appearance.

Here are some of the best-known woods and their corresponding price points (covering materials and installation).

Type Of Wood Cost Per Linear Foot
Spruce $25
Pine $28
Cedar $33
Western Red Cedar $33
Redwood $48
Tropical Hardwoods $50
Privacy Fence Installation In Bryan, Archbold, Defiance

Vinyl Fence Cost

Vinyl fence panels are becoming a popular choice among homeowners due to their durable and long-lasting nature, appealing appearance, and various style options.

Despite its slightly higher cost than other materials, view this material as an investment and an upgrade for your outdoors.

To build a vinyl fence, you can expect to pay around $30 per linear foot on average. This means that for a 150-foot fencing project, you’ll likely spend about $4,500. Keep in mind that the cost can vary significantly depending on the style and design you choose, with prices ranging from $17 to $38 per linear foot.

Vinyl fence installation

Chain Link Fence Cost

Chain link fences are a more affordable option compared to other types of fencing. They come with numerous advantages that are worth considering, such as defining the borders of vast properties like schools and parks or providing security for your own property.

The chain link fence cost would be around $1,587 for a small backyard of 500 square feet, about $3,105 for a mid-sized yard of 2,000 square feet, and about $4,140 for 3,500 square feet.

Chain-link fence installation

Metal Fence Cost

If money is not an issue, choosing a metal fence such as wrought iron or aluminum would be ideal. These materials are long-lasting and of excellent quality and won’t need the maintenance that a wood fence would require.

Metal Fence Installation - by linear foot for a 4-foot tall fence

Material Unit Cost
Aluminum $8 - $12 per linear foot
Steel $7 - $10 per linear foot
Wrought Iron $25 - $30 per linear foot

Metal Fence Installation - 200 linear foot for a 4-foot tall fence

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line cost
Fencing material: aluminum $8 - $12 per linear foot 200 $1,600 - $2,400
Gate $150 - $700 per unit 1 $150 - $700
Fence posts installed in concrete $2 - $4 per linear foot 200 $400 - $800
Material Cost $10.75 - $19.50 per linear foot 200 $2,150 - $3,900
Labor Cost $20 - $25 per linear foot 200 $4,000 - $5,000
Total Cost $30.75 - $44.50 200 $6,150 - $8,900
Metal fence with beautiful design

Masonry Fences

Create a unique and eye-catching fence by mixing metal and masonry – your home will be the envy of all who pass it!

Masonry fences are a great option if you want a fence that looks amazing, lasts a long time, and complements your property. However, they can be expensive and require professional installation to get the best results. But with the help of an expert, you’ll have a durable fence that surrounds your home or office space with no cost spared.

Depending on the type of brickwork you choose, generally, construction costs can range from an affordable $10 to a more expensive $45 per square foot.

Type of Brick Material Cost Range Per Square Foot
Traditional Brick $35
Hallow Brick $20 - $30
Brick Veneer $10 – $30
Thin Brick Veneer/Mini Brick Veneer Strips $5 – $15

Crazy Beautiful Fences - A Display Of Our Talent

Building and installing fences is what we do best. Whether its vinyl, cedar, or metal, our fences are guaranteed to complement your outdoor space and give it a safer vibe. Here’s what our fences turn out like:

Your Fencing Project Just Got 10x Easier!

At Burgess Construction, we aim to ensure a seamless and enjoyable fence installation for you. You can rely on us to be transparent about fees and avoid any unnecessary stress. So, relax and appreciate the aesthetics of your new fence!



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Other Factors That Will Impact Your Fence Installation Cost

Fence Style

Fencing styles require a unique installation method that could impact the cost significantly. For example, a rain fence costs between $11 to $29, a picket fence is around $12 and $48, and a privacy fence costs between $20 to $45.


A higher fence means more material. The typical height is 6 feet, but you may also opt for 8 or 4-foot fences. For an 8-foot fence, add 20% – 30% to your budget for additional lumber. Subtract 20% – 30% for a 4-foot fence.


You’ll need a gate to ensure an exit route from your backyard. In general, expect to add $175 – $1,200 to your total costs for professional gate installation. You’ll want to use the same material as the fence so everything flows right.

Demolition Or Removal Services

We can help remove your old fence to make way for a new one. We can handle tasks like removing rocks, trees, and shrubs. Our tree removal services start from $500 each. Keep in mind that removing the old fence material will cost between $3 to $5 per linear foot.

The Best Fence Installation Cost In Eastmont Is At Burgess!

Don’t let fence installation be a source of stress for you! In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective home improvements that can bring immense value to your life.

At Burgess Construction, we understand the importance of your family’s safety, which is why we offer trustworthy service and a quality end product. With us, you can get the peace of mind that you’re looking for, without breaking the bank.

Make sure to invest in security today so that your loved ones are protected tomorrow!
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