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Fence Installation In Alderwood Manor, WA

Keep everyone on your property safe with a reliable and lasting fence installed with a pro.

The Best Fence Installation In Maltby, WA

Homeowners often overlook the significance of fences until one unpleasant event occurs, and it changes everything. It gets you thinking that this wouldn’t have happened if you had a fence.

At Burgess Construction in Alderwood Manor, WA, we specialize in building beautiful and durable fences that offer you the assurance of increased privacy and safety in your backyard.

We’re experts in all types of fences and can get you this upgrade fast, affordable, and extremely easy.

Stephanie and Blaine, owners of Burgess Construction

Hi, we’re Stephanie and Blaine, owners of Burgess Construction, a husband and wife-owned business with a passion for extraordinary customer service. Our mission is to help families like yours give their homes an outdoor space that encourages togetherness and relaxation. Whether you want a low-maintenance composite deck, a thorough deck repair, or a beautiful fence to enhance your property’s curb appeal, we’ve got you covered!

pressure treated wood fence

A Complete Fence Installation Service - Right At Your Doorstep

Sure, building a fence is not rocket science. Unless you have a lasting fence that won’t succumb to rot, decay, or dozens of other common fencing problems. At Burgess Construction, we bring the best to your fence installation project to ensure you’re getting a beautiful and highly reliable fence.

Check Out Our Portfolio And Get Some Inspiration!

No matter your fencing needs, we are here to provide comprehensive solutions. Take a look at the projects we have completed thus far.

50+ fences installed

25 years of manufacturing warranty

8 in-house craftsmen

Enhance safety and privacy with a professionally built fence. Enjoy top-notch service, a seamless installation process, and a contractor who genuinely values your investment. Inquire about your fencing project by calling (425) 791-5281 or filling out a form!

Your Neighbors Loved Working With Professionals

Our team’s dedication and attention to detail shine through in every finished project. Check out our portfolio to see the stunning transformations we’ve achieved and get a glimpse of what you can expect for your own home!

Janie Lee Kelley


I would highly Reccomended Blaine and his crew. They did a fantastic job on a project I’ve been wanting done for years. They are timely, organized and precise about what they do. Great quality work—would recommend!

Sean Staudt


Stephanie came out and gave us a bid and Blaine and his team came out and did a phenomenal job on our pergola! I wouldn’t have anyone else do work on our house but these guys! 😊❤️

Average Fence Installation Cost In Alderwood Manor, WA

The cost of fence installation in Alderwood Manor, WA, is determined by factors such as fence length and material selection. For instance, a 120-foot cedar fence can be installed for a minimum of $6,000. However, a longer fence with premium materials, wrapped posts, and additional features may incur costs of up to $20,000.

What increases fence installation costs:

Mod style cedar fence in Eastmont, WA

This fence installation project included:

The project was quoted at $9,750.

Fencing Material Average Cost per Linear Foot
Wood $15 - $33
Vinyl $13 - $37
Chain-Link $12 - $40
Aluminium $19 - $55
Steel $20 - $70
Wrought Iron $25 - $50
Composite $20 - $40
Wire Fence $1 - $6

*Fence installation costs will differ from project to project. For a more accurate pricing quote, request a free quote, and we’ll circle back within a business day!

Discover the gratification of partnering with a premier contractor and indulge in the myriad advantages it brings. Our flawless fence installation procedure, combined with the efficiency and reliability of our team, guarantees a product that instills unwavering confidence in you.

A Fence Installation Project Where You're In Full Control

We’ve addressed two common concerns of homeowners trying to get a fencing project started: cost and time.
Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to splurge, we have the perfect solution. We’ve built fences for just $1k and high-end ones that were as expensive as $25k. Rest assured, you’ll receive the utmost quality and value, regardless of your budget.
We prioritize your time and strive to complete your project within the agreed timeline. Our goal is to ensure your prompt enjoyment of the new fence, allowing us to seamlessly assist the next homeowner without any unnecessary delays at the job site.

Fence Installation Done Right - With Burgess

Envision a seamless fence installation process that expertly handles every detail, allowing you to relax and witness your vision come to life. We’ll transform your dream into a delightful reality!



Get in touch, and let’s design and pick the right materials for your new fence.



After you’ve decided on materials, we get straight to work building and installing your fence.



Your new fence is done! Enjoy more privacy in your backyard and a higher sense of safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most fences can be installed within 3 days or less. However, the duration may vary based on the complexity of your project, such as the size of the area, the materials used, and any specific design requirements. Following our on-site assessment to evaluate your needs, we will gladly provide you with a detailed and accurate time estimation for the installation process. This will give you a clear understanding of the timeline, allowing you to plan accordingly.
Burgess Construction proudly presents two teams of highly skilled in-house carpenters and certified installers for TimberTech and Trex. Moreover, our committed account managers ensure flawless execution of your project, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome.
Several factors influence fence pricing in Snohomish, WA. The fence’s height, length, and materials used contribute to the overall cost. Terrain conditions, accessibility, extra gates, and decorations can also impact the final price.
You don’t need a permit for fence installation in Snohomish as long as your fence is 8 feet high or less. However, it’s important to note that different cities may have varying requirements based on the type of fence being installed. If permits are indeed required, Burgess Construction will handle the process on your behalf.

Choosing your fence type depends on your specific needs.

If you prioritize keeping pets inside without privacy concerns, a hog-wire fence will suffice. Wood fences are common in Snohomish homes. The most reliable materials to choose from are cedar, teak, and redwood, with a potential lifetime of 30+ years.

Vinyl and aluminum fences are durable and versatile, suitable for any environment. With various styles and colors available, they can easily blend with the architectural style of most properties. We’ll guide you in choosing the best qualities and features to meet your needs.

Privacy Fence Installation In Bryan

Enjoy The Best Fence Installation Service You'll Ever Find In Alderwood Manor, WA

Transform your Alderwood Manor, WA property with a meticulously crafted fence by Burgess Construction. Our professionals ensure unparalleled privacy and security, offering peace of mind for you and your cherished ones. Elevate your property with our exceptional craftsmanship and experience the difference.

Contact us at (425) 791-5281 or click the button below to receive your complimentary pricing estimate. Transform your outdoor space today!

(takes 1-2 min)

Katherine Stohr Chaffer


I hired Burgess Construction to put a corrugated roof over my deck.

They did a beautiful job. I asked if the wood used could be stained and the outcome with the stained wood looks wonderful. There was a little mishap with communication

Stephanie and Blaine stepped up and made it right. I am so happy w the outcome. I am very proud of the way my deck looks now. I would recommend Burgess Construction.

Morgan Megan Mason


Blaine and his crew replaced my deck and fence this week and they did a fantastic job!

They were on time, in budget, and super communicative.

I will use Burgess for all my deck & fence needs in the future, and recommend to any who ask.

I wish I had this experience with every contractor I worked with thank you for everything, Blaine!

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Alderwood Manor, WA, nestled in the verdant landscapes of Snohomish County, is a community rich in history and natural beauty. Landmarks such as Wilcox Park, a community staple, offers locals and visitors alike a serene space to relax, entertain, and enjoy the lush Pacific Northwest flora. Meanwhile, the Lynndale Park Amphitheater, renowned for its summer productions amidst towering trees, highlights the community’s commitment to the arts. The area is also home to the Lynnwood Golf Course, a 75-acre, beautifully maintained facility that offers challenges to golfers of all skill levels. With its blend of historic charm and modern amenities, Alderwood Manor is truly a unique corner of the world.